Tailored advice

The ideal solution

TBS has a strong approach when it comes to dealing with individual circumstances. It has to, because with water management, no two situations are the same. What is the best material to use? Which application works perfectly? What are the correct dimensions? We are pleased to deploy all our expertise, experience and creativity, and in consultation with you, devise the ideal solution.

The perfect product for your situation

For every water management situation there is only one solution – the best.

In addition to expertise and experience, TBS possesses the creativity that enables it to devise the truly perfect solution for you. We do so in consultation with you. Our research and development employees investigate which application will work best in your situation. Not just now, or in the next few years, but for decades to come. TBS provides solutions that you can rely on.

So many questions, so many products

Would you like to know more about our tailor-made solutions? Here are a few examples:

Penstocks of 150 millimetres to more than 2.25 metres, made from HDPE, cast iron, or stainless steel. Round, square, or in any other form. Flap valves of every possible format, in any shape. Made from HDPE, so the possibilities are endless.

Weir chambers and float drains, Flap weirs, float valves and other special HDPE items, for every possible situation in every possible combination.

Covers that can also be used for more than one application. For example, we made covers for Schiphol that house the electronics for the runway lighting. 
Gullies in almost innumerable versions. Providing security of operation, safe and with optimum water discharge.

Gratings for every category of traffic, in every situation. On a mounting frame or with a concrete drainage channel, with removable grids for use under bridges, viaducts or in shopping malls, or with a special ES locking system to allow speedy maintenance.