TBS Drainage vent valve, the solution for overpressure in the sewer!

Embedded air in sewer systems is one of the most important causes of flooding in public space. In case of a sudden surge of storm water, air will be trapped in the sewer system. This creates overpressure in the sewer. Especially after heavy rain a sewer could quickly overflow, due to this unwanted over pressure.

The consequences of this can vary from the flooding of house connections, including overflowed toilets, Covers could be blown from the manholes, which results in a hazardous situation in the road or sidewalk. Even a complete manhole cover, including the surrounding pavement (asphalt and/or bricks) could be separated from the surrounding of the sudden and violent increase in pressure. This can be very dangerous situations for the road user. For this problem TBS has developed a innovative and effective solution, the TBS- Drainage vent valve.

Drainage vent valves

The TBS Drainage vent valve

The TBS vent valve is attached to a grated manhole cover and prevents, among other things:
• Over pressure in the sewer
The vent valve opens at an over pressure off ± 30 mm water column.
• Odour

As the valve shall be closed in standard position, the valve also acts as a syphon.

The community could save a lot of trouble, time, annoyance and, above all, unnecessary costs when these Drainage vent valves are used. For example: locations where a number of sewers come together, or on the end of long sewer canals.

Please note that the grated cover with vent valve is not suitable for drainage of large amounts of rainfall and may not be included in the discharge capacity of the regarded embankment in which it is placed.

Explanation Drainage vent valve

drawing Drainage vent valve