Flap valves

It is sometimes necessary for water to run in just one direction. This may be the case where water is flowing from a river or canal into the sea at low tide, but which should not flow back again if there has been flooding.

A Flap valve is a simple but important construction that ensures that the water can flow in one direction, but not the other. The requirements are stringent: the cover should close completely when the water flows back and may never become defective, as the consequences could be disastrous.

Always made of HDPE

TBS Flap valves are always made of HDPE, firstly because HDPE can be deployed in a flexible manner: it can be shaped in any way. This is necessary as certain situations require a Flap valve that is unique. The second reason is that HDPE is of a light weight. That is good to know, as the valves are not always situated at the most easily accessible locations. Also, the valves are able to respond to the slightest changes in pressure.

World class

TBS supplies Flap valves throughout the world. It is no surprise, given that our Flap valves comply with the toughest international requirements.

Praha1 PTK-G