Gullies: odourless and robust

TBS is the market leader in the field of gullies. And with good reason: we have been making various types of gully for more than eighty years. Reliable and robust, made from a combination of concrete and cast iron. We make various types of gullies:

Road gullies: transport rainwater via a grating in the drainage channels.

Kerb gullies: built into kerbs with vertical grating

Combination gullies: where the kerb grating extends into the drainage channels. A perfect solution if large quantities of water have to be transported, or if large numbers of leaves are present.

Optimum drainage

The grating bars in our gullies are rounded off on the top, rather than being flat, as is the case with many other gullies.. This means that the water can flow away as optimal as possible without flowing past the grid.

Air from sewer kept at bay

There is nothing as unpleasant as the stench from sewers. TBS Soest gullies ensure that every risk of it escaping is excluded thanks to the odour screens that we place before the drainpipes.

Watertight construction

The drainpipe is connected to a vulcanized flexible seal that is attached to the gully, The water tightness remains intact even after subsidence or distortion. Thanks to a special production method designed by TBS, the construction is guaranteed to remain watertight, even if the ground shifts over time.


The grids of our gullies have a cast iron edging on the outside. This means that if the road surface subsides over time, the concrete will not be exposed so that the gully will not be damaged by water.