Manhole covers

TBS supplies Manhole covers that afford easy access to sewers for maintenance and inspections. A manhole cover consists of a cast iron drain cover that rests within a cast iron and concrete rim. Low Manhole covers are sometimes made entirely of cast iron.

Production to order

We make various types of manhole covers: round, square, large, small, up to a clearance of 700 millimetres. Would you like to have an image featured on your covers? No problem. We have supplied Manhole covers with a unique design for the public works offices of the Amsterdam city council, for example, while those for the Sliedrecht local authority bear the town’s coat of arms.

TBS Manhole covers last longer

This is because we include a special rubber ring around the rim with a safety profile (‘VEPRO’). TBS developed this VEPRO ring in the 1970s for which it was granted a patent. The weight of the drain cover itself ensures that it sits firmly against the perimeter but does not actually come into contact with the rim. This prevents the cover from becoming loose and therefore wearing out.

Fast delivery time

For many projects, Manhole covers are the final item to be put in place. This applies not just to sewerage systems, but to schedules in general. It is good to know that TBS can act quickly. We have the regular models in stock.

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