Water level regulating products: creative and sophisticated

Water level regulating products are used for controlling the amount of water that is allowed to flow through a particular location. In this way we can control water levels. There is a tailor made solution for every specific situation. Examples include reservoirs where the water should never be lower or higher than a certain level.

We divide the regulation programme into three different sub-programmes.

to block the flow to the height of the door
to regulate water level upstream
to regulate water level downstream.

Creative solutions

The power of TBS is that we are capable of conceiving simple mechanical solutions that are robust, long-lasting and sophisticated. Due to our own engineering department, We are able to supply our water level regulating products in any shape and dimension.

HDPE and Stainless steel

As water level regulating products are always unique, we use HDPE in combination with Stainless steel 316L. This light and reliable material is easy to process, has long service life because the material does not corrode and easy to install and handle.

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