TBS is known worldwide for their high quality water management products in road- and waterworks. Yearly, we deliver a wide variety of products all over the world, which also includes projects with specialised solutions. For example the transformer boxes for airport Schiphol, where the equipment for the runway lighting is located. Or the manhole covers with unique images for different communities in the Netherlands, for example: Nijmegen, The Hague and Groningen.

TBS advised, developed and produced major water management projects all over the world. For example the many tailor made flap valves in Hong Kong, the 32 overflow gates we delivered in Buenos Aires and the large stop logs delivered in Singapore.

International experience

Internationally TBS is very experienced. From the fifties, TBS has a sales area in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since we produce the HDPE products, our products are sold all over the world. We do business in Europe, the middle- and far East, Africa and South America.

This international market is growing, and new markets are developing rapidly. Internationally we have a well-known reputation. 
We believe in the high quality of our products, and in providing good tailor made advice, this is very important for us. Our service goes beyond the delivery of the product.

We keep our promise!

Project overview